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Tony's journey in the insurance industry has been extraordinary. Starting in technology, he quickly expanded his expertise to various areas, including distribution and operations. Tony's innovative abilities in the realm of distribution have been evident throughout his career. He played a pivotal role in developing the first web-based insurance policy system and led the creation of a highly acclaimed homeowners quoting system. Tony recognizes the importance of technology in shaping the insurance landscape and is excited about the use of cutting-edge tools like Generative AI and drones. In addition to his professional success, Tony leads an eclectic personal life, sharing his home with a variety of pets and enjoying culinary pursuits and travel with his family.

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Generative AI Startegy

The Path to Success

A generative AI strategy in business and marketing focuses on using artificial intelligence to create novel marketing content, personalized customer experiences, and innovative product designs. It leverages the power of AI to analyze vast amounts of data for predictive analytics, customer behavior insights, and trend forecasting. This strategy helps businesses stay ahead of market demands and rapidly changing consumer preferences by producing new concepts and solutions at an unprecedented speed. In implementing a generative AI strategy, companies optimize marketing campaigns, create targeted content, and innovate products using data-driven decisions. This results in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer engagement, driving growth and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Operations Excellence

Expert Guidance

Operational excellence is a philosophy that embraces problem-solving and leadership as the key to continuous improvement in all facets of an organization. It involves a holistic approach, focusing on optimizing processes, reducing waste, and enhancing quality to deliver value to customers. By fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability, operational excellence seeks to empower employees at all levels to contribute to the company’s success. The goal is to achieve strategic aims such as cost leadership, increased profitability, and superior customer satisfaction.

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Diverse and Inclusive Teams

Outstanding Performance

Creating a workspace that not only recognizes but celebrates diversity is the cornerstone of innovation and growth. 

I'm committed to cultivating a team that represents a tapestry of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Diversity for me isn't just about ticking boxes – it's about bringing together a myriad of voices that challenge the status quo and push boundaries. 

Inclusion means every voice in the room is heard and valued. It means creating a culture where everyone, from any walk of life, can find their place and thrive. 

Our journey is ongoing. We listen, we learn, and we lead by embracing the unique contributions of all team members. Join me in weaving a work culture rich with varied ideas, united by a shared goal: excellence. 

Recent Recommendations

Don’t Take My Word for It

Tony is my mentor on the Insurance industry, how to scale an insurance business, and how both risk diversification and risk specialization factor into growing a healthy insurance partner ecosystem. I had the pleasure of working for Tony as my General Manager for 3 years while at Homesite and American Family Insurance. Tony has a people-first view knowing that profitable insurance businesses are built upon trust with customers, insurance agents, and partner companies to create the best products and offerings. Tony thinks big and is a transformative leader embracing innovative technology platforms to engage customers and insurance agents with low-friction experiences, using data and AI for operational efficiency, and being agile in the marketplace adjusting to ever-changing market conditions. No matter the situation or problem, Tony has seen a version of it before and has tons of great, entertaining stories to share his learnings, breadth of experience, and bring laughter into tough situations.

If you are looking for a committed, forward-thinking leader who can motivate and lead people through ambiguity and competitive markets, I highly recommend Tony.

Jason Rosen

Tony is a bit of a unicorn when it comes to leading large-scale technical programs with a deep understanding of the business outcomes which these programs are designed to deliver. I had the privilege of working with and for Tony on one such Program that delivered foundational capabilities, innovation and architectural simplicity for the enterprise. His disciplined leadership frames programs in a way that galvanizes extended teams against a shared vision by acting decisively, continuously evaluating, and pivoting when necessary. In that context, Tony is a transformative leader that does not avoid hard truths or difficult challenges. Instead he takes responsibility for his decisions, maintains optimism throughout, and focuses on charting new courses of action when information demands it. In doing so, he leads teams and organizations through an ever changing business landscape driving true transformation.

I would work for Tony again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to lead any organization that is looking to drive transformation in the marketplace.

Carlos Zavala

Tony is one of the most effective and energetic leaders I have worked for. Always with an eye on driving operational efficiencies, expense management and process improvements, Tony's passion for operating at the highest levels is commendable. His work ethic coupled with his keen interest in instilling operational excellence across an organization is unparalleled and his ability to make those around him work smarter and at a higher level is respectable.

Having worked with Tony over the past five years both indirectly and directly, I have learned how to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone with Tony's leadership and learned more about IT, budgeting and operations than I had known previously. He seeks to transfer his deep knowledge base across teams to help develop those around him.

Tony is a great leader who naturally and easily commands respect because of his management and leadership skills. Eager, knowledgeable, effective and persistent; all great things in a leader!

Kevin Bligh

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